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Mecanitzats ARSO

Mecanitzats Tallers Arso

Hydraulics - Pneumatics - Agricultural - Automotive - Industrial Mechanics - etc..., Professionalism and Quality in our sector.


Mecanizats Arso is a company specialized in the machining in CNC, of all types of pieces in small and big series for a wide range of sectors.

Their founders and partners, Joan Solasagalés and Ramón Aregall, with a long experience in this sector, created Mecanitzats Arso the year 1989 with the clear objective of offering a quality product according to a strict verification checking control according to regulations in force with the rigorous fulfilment of delivery date of every order.

Adequate to the new technologies, Tallers Arso has a number of specific machines, and also a qualified staff to guarantee an agile and quality service with our own delivery service.


Mecanitzats Arso has :

820m2 of industrial building, 600m2 are workshop, 200m2 of warehouse and 200m2 of offices.

Load an unload zone.


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Polígono Industrial "El Verinal"
C/Serraller, 2 / 08551 Tona (Barcelona)
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